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successful window switch repair

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Bought a 97 4.6HSE a few months ago and with the help of this forum replaced the fan clutch, got seats warm again, got the cruise control cruising, the windshield washer squirting and the radiator bleed leak stopped with some JB Weld. My turn to contribute. I successfully fixed the drivers window switch by removing the panel and taking out the circuit board. I removed the switch cover and then the rocker portion of the switch from the board (don't lose the spring!). I peeled back the platic membrane from beneath the switch with a sharp blade and then squirted contact cleaner under the membrane. I worked the bubble switches up and down for a minute with a stick then plugged in the board. Switch worked great! Reassembled it and it's been working fine for 3 months. The breakthrough was with the peeling back of the membrane as I had previously tried squirting contact cleaner under the switch with no success. Saved me a couple of bucks for a new board anyway.

97 4.6 spring conversion
140k with 45k on factory new engine
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Hi, I'm hoping someone else has tried this... I was trying to clean one of my window switches and accidentally broke 1/2 of the rocker piece under the switch cover. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Maybe add some small plastic material under there? Or am I stuck buying a new switch pack? Below is a Hi-Res image of the piece I broke.

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