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A week or two ago my subwoofer on my 2011 SC started rattling it sounded like it was farting it was the most godawful sound I have ever experienced from a car audio system. Going through the forums the two main solutions were either replacing the clips holding the rear trim panel covering the trunk up or entirely installing a new sub speaker. After replacing the clips with fresh ones with no result I decided to order a slightly loved sub off of amazon and still had the annoying rattling. As I disassembled the trim panel again to figure out where the rattle was coming from i noticed the carpeting from the plastic panel had separated and was causing the rattling. I have included pictures of what had happened and how I fixed it without having to order a new trim panel.

It is hard to see but when I pressed down the carpeting had come unglued from the plastic.
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I used some thread and threaded the fabric back to the panel and added some super glue in certain spots to help aid the thread
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