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Stuck on Indicator Lamp

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Lets see if anyone can figure this out. I have a 1992 Range Rover County SWB that ive been working on for a while now fixing mostly electrical faults. Today I replaced the AC fan switch because the old one had melted due to a resistor failing. I plugged the negative lead back onto the battery to test to see if the blower motor now worked with its new switch. I turned the power on and hit the switch. Success! The fans kicked on blowing leave and debris in my face. Now heres the weird thing. Going back to the front of the truck to unplug the battery, I notice that the front indicator lamp was illumined bright as day. I checked the dash board and everything was off, and the key was out of the ignition. i walked around to the back to see that the Back left indicator was on as well. When I saw on by the way, I mean solid on, not blinking. Front and Back left Indicator Lamp is stuck on and not blinking, without the key in the ignition, the headlight switch is off, the indicator stalk is centered and the flashes switch off as well. For some reason the lamps are getting a full 12 volts but I cont figure form where. The only way to get it to turn off, is by disconnecting the battery. When I went to disconnect the battery, I noticed that the positive terminal was very hot. Something somewhere in the Rover is telling 12 volts to be sent to the Left Indicator lamps. Any Thoughts?
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You have a wire grounded
I would look in the rear signal housing
The light receivers corrode and rot
It’s where I would start
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