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Hi could someone please help? 2011 RR Sport Luxury w/20" 275/40/20

I'm in San Diego, trying to get back to PHX AZ and my rim has a crack on the bead. Not safe to attempt as it is losing and air and I'm with my family. It is Sunday and so many places are closed. I looked on craigslist, ebay, offer up, etc. All of the junk yards are closed and places that do sell rims seem to be closed as well.

At this point I will take any 20" rim that I can put my tire on to get me back home and find a new set later. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Goal is to get home as soon as possible. I'm sure the dealer does not have a 2011 RR Sport Rim in stock. I also called our service manager and he said forget the dealer, find something used to put your tire on.


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