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Stuck in Park - don't think it's the brake switch.

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My 95 Classic has sat for nearly a week as I had been waiting for replacement power steering hoses.

I got the hoses in (no leaks! yet.:-/) but on its first startup post-repair, the RRCC doesn't shift out of park nor do the brake lights work. I did a continuity test of the brake switch, and it seemed good. I opened up the compartment door under the steering wheel to take a look at the fuses and found two wires going into the fuse socket (an orange wire going into the blue 15 amp fuse for the lights, and a brown wire into a red ten amp fuse)

Additionally, there was a red wire that fell out of the compartment door, that when accidentally touched to a ground, activated the brake lights! I drove it around for five minutes, and it's currently unable to shift into park again.

Does anyone know why there would be wires placed into the fuse sockets?

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I this some sort of 'modification' someone has made? I didn't really get what you were on about from the photo.

Short answer would be to earth the red wire if that fixes the problem...?
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