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Stuck Brake Caliper Bolts

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Hey fellow owners,
Sorry for my extreme leave of absence. I am currently doing the fornt and rear brakes on the MKIII. I was plowing through the front right wheel, and things were going great. Unfortunately the caliper bolts are completely stuck. I have used penetrating fluid and slamed the bolt with a windy gun with full 150 psi. Both bolts will not budge. I am really annoyed. I have all the parts ready but a simple job is hung up by a couple of bolts.

Any ideas?
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Put a ratchet on it and smack it with a sledge hammer that is what I do.
Being brake bolts they go through a lot of heat cycles.
I use a 1/2 ratchet and smack it. Breaker bar works too but mine someone borrowed and didn't return :(
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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