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Stuck Brake Caliper Bolts

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Hey fellow owners,
Sorry for my extreme leave of absence. I am currently doing the fornt and rear brakes on the MKIII. I was plowing through the front right wheel, and things were going great. Unfortunately the caliper bolts are completely stuck. I have used penetrating fluid and slamed the bolt with a windy gun with full 150 psi. Both bolts will not budge. I am really annoyed. I have all the parts ready but a simple job is hung up by a couple of bolts.

Any ideas?
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See here is my trouble. I start watching Wheeler Dealers on youtube and see old Ed China with his tools tearing through huge vehicle repair projects. Then I start thinking how much fun that is and go out there and get stuck imediately. I will have another go at it tonight. I will get both front wheels off the ground and make sure that I get good acces with a long breaker bar.

Surely it is ok to put jack stands on the front vehicle sub frame, right? It may have been my imagination, but I thought that I heard some metal creaking when I lowered one of the front tubular subframe components down on the jack stand.

Where have I been? Nowhere but in my basement working on diagnostic tools and answering emails `8)
I have a 3/4 inch breaker bar. I also have a 3 foot long cro-moly tube that I use for my extensions. I just have to find it.
Once I have both front wheels off the ground, I will feel more comfortable turning the wheel and getting better access to the caliper bolts. A 3 foot breaker bar should get it.

I think I need to get a better floor jack for this car.
It did not work. I tried everything. I tried hitting the bolt, yelling at it, and even whispering. I could not find my 3/4 inch breaker bar so I used the 1/2 inch. The 1/2 bolt cracked and broke almost in half with the pressure. This thing is really stuck. :evil:
Sorry, slip of the keyboard. I broke the socket. I did not break the bolt. The socket snapped.
I will try some penetrating fluid again overnight.

It means that the Old P38a will get a workout for another day in a row.
I finally got the bolt unstuck.
It was about maybe 5-6 applications of penetrating fluid over several several hours. I also found my real good quality 3/4 inch drive breaker bar and impact gun sockets. The bolt came loose rather quickly. It is always amazing how the right tool does the job.

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