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Hey guys,

Having some difficulty with my 2006 RRS supercharged. I put in all new airbags/struts and new control arms and even a new compressor. The ride is so much smoother now and was working perfectly until the suspension fault light came on. It was showing up before the upgrades too. Yesterday I was driving along at normal height and the suspension fault light came up red. Sometimes it comes up yellow then turns red. The dash tells me special programs off then I lose all air from the bags and get dropped to bump stops. I had to turn it on and off 3 times getting home to restart the process every time the air only lasting about 3 minutes before getting released. The 4x4 screen showed rear right sensor acting up and then 2 front ones started dancing. Normally the sensors don't jump around like that but when the air gets released that screen looks depressing. These are the fault codes I pulled and what I believe they refer to:

U0159(87) - park assist
U0127(87) - tpms module
C1A38(01) - ?
U0434(86) - roll control
U0182(87) - light module

In the morning I find the front end lowered and it pumps back up when I start the vehicle. Any help would be appreciated.
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