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Strange transmission

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Hi all,

My cars done this since I bought it (second hand) but I just wondered what you all thought. If I travel up a steep hill my transmission changes up instead of down. It flares the revs slightly like it's going to change down but instead it goes up a gear so I'm climbing the hill at about 1200rpm. If I mash the pedal into the carpet (not as far as the kickdown) it does change down but it's a bit un-civilised.
Is this just overcomplicated Range Rover electronics dampening throttle responce up the hill? or is something more sinister afoot?
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Sounds more like you are hitting the hill at gear change RPM/speed. If it is changing up then you are obviously not in high gear when you hit the hill initially.
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Ok done the signature line thing now. Yeah it could be that rrtoadhall but it's almost like it goes straight for 5th. It doesn't lose speed up the hill but it doesn't feel comfortable either. If it held the gear or even went into 4th it would be fine. Feels like it locks up the torque converter too.
Have you ever seen it flash up a warning message (e.g. Trans Failsafe Prog) on the dash? Could you maybe try seeing if you can downshift into the gear you would expect it to select by moving the shift lever into ‘Steptronic’ mode and selecting it manually?

I’m not saying this is what’s happening in your case (because your transmission appears to operate correctly for the rest of the time?) but the electronic control system monitors the turbine and output speeds in the transmission and if it senses a clutch slipping it will immediately upshift to the next gear to protect itself. If that gear also slips, it will upshift again until it finds a gear that doesn’t slip. However you would expect the ECU to flag a DTC if this were the case. It might be worth you having the codes read by a dealer (the transmission error P-codes are specific Land Rover ones) to see if anything has been logged?

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