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Hello All,

I have searched the forms but have not found an error matching or similar to mine. If this has already been addressed please give me the link.

Long question:
I had to buy a new key recently ($300) and while they programed it I asked the tech to also engage the DRL (which are basically interior and low beams on all the time, not low power fog lights similar to newer models). When I got home and pulled in to my garage I noticed that the front parking sensors were silent as I pulled further in even though I had them on. I called and asked the dealer if DRL interfered with the front parking sensors and they said "No". Its not critical but if I can keep everything working on my Rover I'd like too!

- Day Time Running lights engaged, front parking sensors now not working
- No flash when the PDC button is depressed, just the standard quick beep from the rear speaker
- There are no electrical faults to my knowledge anywhere in the vehicle
- All other instrument beeps and dings are played just fine
- All four back parking sensors 'tick' all four front sensors are silent
- The fuses for PDC appear to be in good working order
- No fault messages have been displayed on the message center
- The rear sensors perform as they should

I have not power washed or hosed down the engine compartment and the vehicle is garage kept so I am hoping it is not an electrical issue. I think it is too much of a coincidence for them to just 'go out' can they be set on or off by the dealer?

l322, 2004 Range Rover HSE

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It is possible that they were accidentally disabled by the technician that enable the DRL. The interface to modify the CCF on that truck is not the best, and a stray click of a mouse can change something unknowingly.

The front sounder is separate from the rear, and a fault for the sounder will cause them not to 'click' any more, it is also located not too far from the DLC, but should not have been touched in just doing what you mentioned.

I would take it back to the dealer and ensure it is still enabled, logically it is by far the most likely explanation given your time frame.
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