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Strange Gearbox Issue

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Ok Strange problem this morning. Car is a 3.6Tdv8 2008 144,000 Miles on the clock has had Transmission fluid changed in Jan and new torque converter in April has been running fine. This morning i noticed the revs drop to idle when i put my foot on the brake to slow down, like the gearbox had gone into neutral. I also noticed that is wasn't keen to go back into gear and the D indicator on the dash had disappeared for a second or two. It was not replaced with N or anything else just blank. Switched the gearbox to manual mode and it was fine changing as it should. Any ideas?
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Ok an update, Its been on a scan tool at the local garage. its seems the ecu lost communication with everything. Codes have been reset we shall see what comes back on.
wow that's odd , you had any battery issues lately ??
OK so the car was fine for 200 odd miles. Stilling in traffic for a long period today then finally got moving. At about 20mph car revs hiccuped a bit and got Transmission fault only limited gears available message on dash board. got the car to work and without tuning it off got it to the garage you got codes P0730 and P0733. I took the car back turnd it off then decided to take it back to the Garage. They said the oil level was fine and the oil was good. They are a well respected Autobox independent. They have reset the codes to see if they come back. I sometimes get special program off warning on start up. New Landrover battery two years ago. Could this be electrical? could it be a gearbox solenoid issue? of is the Autobox stuffed.
OK odd question if I purchase a reconditioned box I am being told it has to be coded to the car how much does this cost and what is involved?
No it always been a little odd with the special programs off notice when first start of the day
OK odd question if I purchase a reconditioned box I am being told it has to be coded to the car how much does this cost and what is involved?
Hopefully someone will know the answer to your question but another possibility, to avoid re-coding the new transmission ECU to your vehicle, is to swap the electronic module from the old mechatronic unit to the new one.

May be cheaper and easier to just re-code it though.

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Ok an Update. On the way to work and sitting in traffic for 1.5hrs going up a very slight hill the engine revs dipped and went back up (20Mph) trans fail safe limited gears only came up on the dash. took the car my local garage to work where they do most of the work. Stuck in the reader P0730 and P0733 where the codes. I got them to reset and check fluid level and colour in gearbox both I am told where fine. I have run the car round the block a few times and it seem ok. I am told that may be a solenoid problem or clutch slip. The garge asked me if the gearbox was slipping - I don't know it seems ok how would I notice slip? In addition if i push the gear selector forward by 3mm when in drive the D simple disappears on the dash and the car goes into Neutral no N on dash. this seems very little movement. So I asked the question was told it could be £4K for a replacement box. Also told if I buy a reconditioned box there will be problems with coding it to the cars TCU?
If the shifter cable is out of adjustment by even a tiny bit you will get the dash symbol to go blank or into one of the adjacent gears. The lights on the console are driven by the shifter position and have nothing to do with the operation of the transmission. those have to do with the starting in park or neutral only and stuff like that. The symbols on the dash come from the TCU in the transmission over one of the CAN buses. that is driven by the slider attached to the lever on the outside of the tranny and the TCU on the inside. If the cable comes out of adjust ment by a tiny amount you can get a shifter mismatch, ie it may show park on the dash, but R on the lever or vice versa. It can also result in the TCU not knowing what gear it should be in. the slide adjusted on the actual cable is a VERY fickle thing, and can shift out of place if work has been done on or around the tranny, and it must be adjusted exactly as shown in the RAVE.
Thanks Mark. In my case if I push the sifter forward as I wrote I get Neutral ie slipping out of gear nothing on the display and this happens before the Neutral is shown on the shifter itself. I wonder if a little movement knocked the transmission out of gear or caused it to slip therefore throwing the codes it did?
Heres the adjustment procedure, says its for a 4.4L but i can't find one for a 3.6L diesel version. Theres one more step after this and thats to go back and make sure the engine will only start in P or N when your done. Note the before and after VIN number 284081 differences in the step for securing the cable back to the shifter arm on the transmission.
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OK the cars been on the ramp. Deff ceased pivot new one ordered. Garage seems to think that maybe it popped out of gear just as it was engaging third hence the trans fault. I hope so. New parts ordered let see what happens.
I'm not sure but it sounds like it could've just been the gear selector cable lever bushing needing to be lubricated.

Here's an old thread that was recently bumped up with some helpful info on this issue: 2006 L322 transmission slipping/going neutral
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