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So this has happened twice in the past week. Both times when I've hit a bump. Basically a lot of random things happen - but only for a second (literally), here's all I can tell (because it does happen so fast):
gas guage bottoms and low fuel light comes on
several warning lights come on (I think traction/abs)
climate control blower motors stop

Once it happened while the window was in motion and it tripped a window not set fault for the one that was in motion. The rover does have a test book icon on the climate control which I've been trying to run down (all new filters, relay, blend motors work properly, no malfunction that I can find) and a week ago I had a traction control / abs fault as though a wheel speed sensor was loose - but it was not there when I went to drive it the following afternoon and has not been back since. The drivers door power lock is borken as well. It functions, just not power operated (still locks all the other doors) and there is something loose in there that I'll be replacing soon (I already have a new door latch).

I went though all that in case anything shines a light on this electrical issue. Anyone familair or have any suggestions?
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