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still can't get RPM over 1500...please help.

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So, I have an 88 Range Rover, 3.5.

It starts after a few cranks, idles (a little bumpy), and when I depress the accelerator, it spools up to 1200-1500 and then bogs out. To bring it back to idle, I need to feather the throttle until it is back.

I have done the following:
coolant sensor
idle air by-pass motor
fuel filter
fuel pump

With all of that, the exact same thing occurs. I have researched the same symptoms, and everybody seems to fix it with the fuel pump...that was my last effort.

Can somebody please guide me. What should I do from here.

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Could it be from a "leaky" valve cover gasket? I do seem to hear a slight hissing sound from front right...There is not much leaking oil anywhere from the engine though...
I now can get RPM's with no O2...


So I took both O2 sensors out...and now the truck will start, idle and accelerate like normal...

Are the O2 sensors junk? Catalytic converters junk? Or what is my next step of action?

Another update...

"Cleaned" both O2 sensors and put the right one back in...still ran good, then put the left back in, and seemed to be all good.

It accelerates ok, and drives ok, it can up shift to the passing gear when you floor it...so I dont know what the deal with it was or how long it will last.

Chris, if your around tomorrow or this weekend sometime...you should stop by and give it a spin. Let me know how it compares to yours (acceleration, power, etc). Give me a call tonight.

Thanks for all the help on this board. This is a vast knowledge pool that I think is fantastic!

Until next week when it acts up again.

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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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