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still can't get RPM over 1500...please help.

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So, I have an 88 Range Rover, 3.5.

It starts after a few cranks, idles (a little bumpy), and when I depress the accelerator, it spools up to 1200-1500 and then bogs out. To bring it back to idle, I need to feather the throttle until it is back.

I have done the following:
coolant sensor
idle air by-pass motor
fuel filter
fuel pump

With all of that, the exact same thing occurs. I have researched the same symptoms, and everybody seems to fix it with the fuel pump...that was my last effort.

Can somebody please guide me. What should I do from here.

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More likely an intake manifold gasket, than a valve cover gasket.
unmetered air into the mix will throw off the AFR, which could cause the bogging.
sure sounds like clogged cats.

I wonder if you could convert to a single aftermarket cat, and still pass I/M.. Try calling an exhaust shop, I've heard Micky's Muffler is good.
knie0012 said:
Chris, if your around tomorrow or this weekend sometime...you should stop by and give it a spin. Let me know how it compares to yours (acceleration, power, etc). Give me a call tonight.

Allright, Let's Race 8)
glad to hear you got it running better,
i'll call you after work tomorrow.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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