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stiff steering but fixable by spraying grease on the rack?

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hi all. brand new power steering pump and pulley as i thought maybe this was the issue.

power steering tends to be all around more stiff, and sometimes is extremely hard to turn. replaced power steering pump and pulley but this didn't help.

decided to open up the hood, and spray white lithium grease on the power steering rack that comes out of the firewall on the driver's side under the hood. this fixed the issue and made the steering buttery smooth. however, i have to do this about once per week to keep it that way - and i'd like to figure out the problem without blowing more money.

what could this issue be? someone told me i may have a seized up UJ which is why spraying grease on the rack temporarily fixes it - but i want to make sure before i go out and order parts.

car is an 09' l322 w/ 35k miles, serviced to the 9s.
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The “rack” is the part that goes side to side linearly to move the wheels. It sounds like you are either talking about the pinion shaft going into the rack and pinion...or the steering shaft coming from the steering wheel. Could you post a pic maybe?
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