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Stereo head unit connections

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Can anyone help me with the connections for my stereo. I know nothing about these particular type of connections, other than what is on the back of of my head unit will not connect with wiring in the range rover.

I've checked an original head unit, and that won't connect either, so at some point somebody had changed the wiring harness.

So, if anyone can tell me what these connections are called, if either is a standard, and if there is any form of adapter to so I can hook the stereo up, I'd be Most Happy.



Back of the head unit 1

Back of the head unit 2


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Just wondering if the black plug that came out the back of the kenwood unit is connected to two skinny plugs futher into the vehicles harness. If so these two plugs are ISO plugs, which means to go to another head unit you just need a harness to go from these ISO plugs to the new head unit. In most casses this harness comes with a new head unit, although when I bought my Eclipse one it didn't, I had to buy it seperately.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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