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Stereo doesn't work when outside temp is low

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Temp is arount 0°Celsius and my radio doesn't want to speak.

LCD doesn't even work and no sound at all except a sort of whine.

If i warm the inside for 45 mins or so, it makes a woof :lol: sound and everything is all right.

Any idea?


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Ooh in our recent cold spell my heater has come up with the book symbal stayed for 5 days and went.

Mine is converted to run LPG and on starting runs fine on petrol for about 2 mins then when it turns over to LPG it cuts out and wont start for around 45 mins but if I run it on petrol for around 5 mins (at start) it is perfect then switch it to LPG it's fine too!!

And Friday night just gone whilst driving about 50 miles in -7c or around 18F I got a EAS hard fault and was forced to drive 40 miles at 35 mph (Well ok I was doing 45!!), cleared faults on it sat morning started it up to build up pressure in system and it was fine and couldn't find a fault and has been fine since..... Done another 70 miles today and was perfect???

So mine isn't the only one not to like the cold?? :thumb:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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