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Stereo doesn't work when outside temp is low

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Temp is arount 0°Celsius and my radio doesn't want to speak.

LCD doesn't even work and no sound at all except a sort of whine.

If i warm the inside for 45 mins or so, it makes a woof :lol: sound and everything is all right.

Any idea?


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996TURBO said:
0°Celsius = -26° F
Col said:
]I think 0 Degees Celsius = -32 Degrees Farenheight
My rover hates the cold as well, the eas never drops in the summer or in the garage, but outside in frigid temps it'll drop to the stops. Just changed the head gaskets which only leaked in the winter, tranny still makes funny sounds when very cold.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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