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Steering wheel tilt/adjust mirror fold/headlamp wiper gremlin

Hello all,

I just went on a long road trip (on which the Rover did amazingly through mountains/snow/ice) but three problems cropped up:

1. intermittent steering column tilt/adjust issue
2. right mirror won't fold or adjust
3. right headlight wiper always making medium pitched hum when fuse 28 is installed

The steering wheel will sometimes come to the preset position but others go to the full lower position and continue to run until control switch is bumped. If I manually adjust to full extend sometimes once it reaches the max the motor will stop (which is how it is intended to run) but others continue to run even at the full extent on manual control.

The mirrors both used to fold in which was especially useful for entering/exiting the garage or narrow ally ways. Now the right mirror will not adjust and the left mirror folds in and back out right away.

I ran my wipers while driving and when I parked noticed that the passenger side headlight wiper was stuck up and the motor was constantly running. It will only stop if the fuse is out.

Do you have any suggestions? Do you think these issues are related? They all popped up around the same time on this trip with no other issues with any other system as far as I know.

What would be a good place to start to fix these problems?
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