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Steering wheel thickness compared to previous model?

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I have a P440e ordered and am pretty excited given the battery range. I had three L405s and one of my favorite features was the size of the steering wheel. Size in this case being thickness, as in the L405 it was very thin. According to our other RR British friends, it is for and promotes relaxed driving. I don't like sport steering wheels at all, outside of sports cars of course.

Visually it looks like they made the steering wheel thicker. Can anyone confirm?
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I don’t find it much different, certainly nothing noticeable and if any increase in thickness from newer leather. This is not a BMW steering wheel, feels very LR/RR.

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yeah, not as meat-y as a BMW wheel or m-sport package wheel.
Doesn't feel thin to me. Feels more like you're operating a yacht. Free floating wheel, slightly larger in diameter probably 1-1.5 inches compared to most standard SUVs. Uniform in thickness all around unlike some GT wheels where 10 and 2'o clock is thicker. Def not a porsche GT steering wheel
Thicker than a Porsche's wheel and more noticeably at a less oblique angle - more like a truck angle than a sports car. But that's what you want right?
Had the last RR and just got the new one - gave the old one over as I picked the new one up. The steering wheel is definitely thicker and feels more luxurious. It has an additional cross bar nearer the bottom which is a slight nuisance depending on how you normally hold the wheel but you quickly get use to it. My wife and I both immediately noticed the overall quality and thickness difference though, so not imagining it. Definitely a nice improvement.
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