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Steering wheel audio control issue

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Hi everyone, just a quick question to make sure this doesn't sound strange to any of you. I bought a CPO 2016 RRS a few weeks ago, and soon after my purchase, noticed the audio controls (the volume up/down and station change buttons on the left steering wheel dial) don't appear to work. Oddly, if I hit the menu button, the buttons work, but once I exit out of menu, they do not work to raise/lower volume or switch radio stations. I brought the vehicle back in to the dealership for repair a week ago, and they still have not fixed it; I keep getting updates that there is still an "open circuit" (i.e. the issue is related to wiring), and that they are making progress with the issue. This is also after they did a full software update, which at one point was claimed as the solution.

My question: does this sound odd? I want to have this repair done properly, but am beginning to get a bit concerned with how long the vehicle has been in the shop..
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