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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Finished staged replacement of all front end joints and swivels. On attempting road test steering was very, very heavy when turning to the right. So didn't make it to end of drive! Appears to have lost power assistance when going rightwards. Turning to left is fine. If I get it over near to right lock there is still power assistance when going back left so doesn't appear to be steering angle related.

With front end on axle stands so wheels are clear of the ground steering moves freely both ways so no mechanical blocking or steering damper issues. Possibly a faint hint of roughness when swinging right with wheels free but that was right down in the "am I imagining things" region.

Drag link was super stubborn to remove from steering arm. Had to heat and hit before it finally came away (Don't like hitting but sometimes needs must.). Damper tested out fine moving both ways before re-assembly.

Coincidence or did I do something bad. Steering arm was well to right when working on drag link to get clear air to operate in as its a RHD car. Model year 2000, 4.0 HSE 92,000 miles on the clock.

I'm guessing a jammed spool valve. If so are there any safe cures or should I just bite the bullet and change it.

If so whats the sensible option given that on the road steering issues on a 2 ton car is an experience I really don't mind missing out on. Cheapest is used but how confident can I be that its good. Recon exchange, Range Rover parts folk are are more expensive than E-Bay listings from "specialists" but how to recognise a good supplier if I'm tempted by the E-Bay route. Pattern ones are about half the price of factory ones but do I trust Britpart for something this vital. Factory price will have the credit card weeping.

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