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Steering Rack Issue?

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Just curious if any of you old time RRS owners are beginning to feel some minor road vibration through your wheel? Almost feels like a steering rack issue (possibly wearing?). Just doesn't feel as "comfy" at times like it used to when it was new.
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At 86k miles, still as good as new, no vibration issues. Maybe it's all that offroading we do that keeps things well oiled.

I did have some clunking at 82K miles, so I just had the ball joints replaced to eliminate that, and as a preventative measure, all the bushings (upper and lowers) as well. Still tight as a drum, no vibrations at all. The upper ball joints were really the ones that were worn out, but they cover everything with the extended warranty, so all were done. It's hard to diagnose by looking or moving them while connected to the A-arms, but once disconnected, if you can move them easily, they're worn out.
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