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I thought I might pull this thread up again, as I managed to get hold of a steering coloum with a fault for nearly free and thought I would give it a try and dismantle the unit.

So far I managed to get at the dreaded "tilt-nut" which tends to loose its noses. You can see where they are broken off.

But the nut itself is just a steel to steel bearing surface to the steel flange inside the steering column. There is a thrust bearing underneath it, but the inside of the nut runs just on a steel surface without any bearing or lubrication.
It was bone dry and I can only move it about a quarter turn with my hand and it really sticks and the movement is not smooth at all.

So, this seems to be the problem here. The nut runs dry and locks up on the steel bush and the noses are a bit on the thin side.

Anybiody around who could think of making it a better design? I would have a go with replacing the nut with a new stainless steel one made up from scratch. Just need to convince a friend in the machine shop----- :)

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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