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Steering Column Tilt Broken - Snapped Tabs

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Yesterday the tilt broke on my 2002 L322 RR. The steering wheel goes in and out but just went loose up and down.

The motor sounded like it was still working ok so I removed the shroud to see what was wrong.

It seems that 2 small metal tabs have snapped off a section of the steering column that connects the main column to a tilt nut on the tilt spindle.

I have done a search (with lots of steering column failures) but can't find anything describing this problem.

I'm surprised as it seems these metal tabs are the only thing supporting the steering wheel, so if someone leans on it to get out I would of thought they would easily just snap?

Spoke to the dealer today and they've seen this before and quoted £385 for a new column and £150 to fit.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix without replacing the whole thing? :?:

Fot the time being I dropped out the spindle and tilt nut and put it the other side of the other 2 tabs - this means its permanently fixed high (which is ok for me, better than pinning my legs down) - see picture 3

I am thinking of making a new tilt nut that locates on both sides of the remaining tabs???



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Anychance of making another one for me ?
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