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Hi All,

When I bought my 2006 L322 Supercharged a couple of years ago, the steering column was frozen, as many are. Every once in a blue moon, when I start the vehicle, it will kick back in and be functional for that drive, until the car is restarted. About four months ago, something happened and it has been totally functional every time I use the vehicle. When I get in, it moves into it's programmed position and has worked every time.

Unfortunately, I let my father borrow it last week and forgot to tell him about the issue, as it had not been one in a while. He moved the column to its lowest position and, ever since, it has been stuck in that position and will not budge. With it working intermittently, I've ruled out a mechanical issue with the motor -- it seems like an electronic glitch. Can anyone speak to this? I cannot stand having it in this position because it rubs my legs and I cannot see the speedometer.

Thank you in advance for any tips to reset this!
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