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steering angle sensor L322 2004

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Bought recently a L322 3,o diesel 2004. Steering column was totally broken . Motors were loose and spindle broken. Got a new one along with car. Mounted the new one and got triangle,abs,air susp inact,hdc inact. Went to local lr stealer to program/reset it. They couldn`t fix it. Have i done something wrong? Should sas point at same angle as steering wheel when mounted? If this is not correct, could this be the whole issue ? Thankful for allanswers that would help. Have a nice day.

Regards Thomas
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did you turn the steering wheel lock to lock on start up? That's what calibrates the steering angle sensor.
Yes i did. No lamps on start up. all comes after 100 meters.
No lamps before i mounted new(old) steering column.
I had the same issue when I replaced my column. I tried to use all-comms to code the angle sensor with the car but although I could see the live data, the errors would come up after 1-2 mins of driving. I took it to LR and they put it on test book for 80 pound and cleared the issue after 5 mins..
With steering straight, sas data must be read and reset to zero. The faults are coming on because your sas is showing incorrect value when the vehicle is going straight.
Have ordered hawkeye total now. Hope it will fix this.
Hi. Checked some live data now.When steering wheel is straight forward angle is 33. To get it to zero when steering wheel is straight,do i have to move sas on splines? How stright do i have to have it? Do someone have pic how it is positioned on column when steering wheel straight ? Checked now on old column. Could sas be mounted 180 deg. wrong ?
Not sure how different the l322 is compared to my l320, but I had the same problem and just had to make sure my steering wheel was pointing straight and press the option for steering angle calibration on my iidtool. I assume other diagnostic tools would have a similar option that does the same thing.
Have hawkeye total tool now. Can read live data on sas angle. When tryin to calibrate i get message. Comm. Error. What could be wrong here ?
Is there a way to delete info on sas physically? By a "short circuit" without voltage" or? Pulled out plug to sas . Started car without any faults. Plugged sas back. Then came air susp. inact.,abs and hdc back. Feels like sas prossor keep info and won`t delete it.
Did a steering column swap to day on my project L322. Got the same result, triangle, abs, air susp inactive, hdc inactive.
Did you manage to fix it ? I have same issue ! I replace ma steering column because my key wont turn ! And after a few days of driving they show the same on my dash ! Connect to computer and same angle sensor + cann bus error ! Then i took from my old columm the steering sensor and agian after after like a week of driving short distance as i am from Malta no highway ! It pops again ! My mechanic told me to buy a new steering sensor not used one ! But i was reading here and i think if i buy another one i will have agian the same issue ! What do you think i do ?
Buy allcomms it can recode used sensors or new ones
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