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Starting problems L322 2005 vogue

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Ok guys
having a problem starting my RRV l322 2005. I’m in England so steering wheel on right.
i put the key in the ignition and turn key so all normal dash light come on and the glow plug light goes out I then turn the key to start engine only it doesn’t start at the same time I can hear a low pitch noise to the left of the key switch. This will happen several time and it will start. Gone through the normal checks, fuses, battery etc but can’t seam to fix it. Can anyone guide me in the right way to fix this problem or will I have to take it to an auto electrician? Thanks in advance.
the tilt and rake on my steering is not working, it won’t move up or down in or out. Had the cover off and couldn’t see any damage or anything come lose. The fuse is ok.
two problems in one day just my luck.
thanks once again
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What do you mean by "Low pitch noise"? Electrical, mechanical? Any better clues?
Not really sure, it sounds like an audible ‘due dur dur- dur’ I’m totally lost on this one!
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