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So after much work a new battery, new plugs and new crankshaft sensor I got the truck running last night, however when I went to start it tonight no such luck... I added coolant as it was low, wouldnt start tries to and fires, when I hold the pedal down it runs little longer (3-5sec) I noticed that after all my attempts to start it the coolant reservoir was under a lot of pressure! Every time i crank it it builds pressure? Any ideas why this is? Could it be why the truck isnt starting now? Last night it seemed to run fine (only let it idle didnt drive it) There was alot of moisture in the exhaust figured it was from not running didnt smell coolant and oil looks fine from what I could tell seemed like it may be a little milky but not too terrible... any suggestions would be great
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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