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New to this forum, which is pretty fun and interesting.

I have a problem on the 2006 Supercharged Range Rover. It wont start, even though it tries the engine wont start.
So let me tell you what happened, last week the fuel gauge showed me half the tank full of fuel, but then the engine stopped, turnd out that it was empty.
I am not sure if the fuel pump has suffered I measured the fuel pressure and it shows 45 psi but I am not sure this is the pressure it has to send to the injectors or to the fuel pressure sensor. How much pressure does the fuel pump sends?
Can it be that the sensor of fuel pressure is gone wrong?
The fuel gauge showing the wrong level of fuel has to do directly with the pump, can it be changed or does it involve the whole pump and maybe its part of a previous problem in the pump?

Please help

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