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Here is a quick list of the most frequently seen questions on this forum, and their respective links to the potential answer. This list may change going forward, so be sure to check back here every once in awhile. Please PM RRToadHall if you see any errors or broken links. Thanks, and happy Rovering!

1. RAVE contains the complete Workshop manuals for petrol and diesel variants. Overhaul manuals for petrol engines, transfer box and full wiring schematics, pinouts and physical photos of every connector and ground. These are indispensable for working on your vehicle. These links do not require an install as the files are a simple .pdf file structure. Once downloaded and decompressed ,and you are set to go on any computer. Simply click "rave-lr.pdf", Apple iStuff is not an issue, just have a .pdf reader.

Online workshop manual

2. CRUISE CONTROL - If your cruise control is not working it's probably cracked vacuum tubes Cruise Control Problems and Solutions .

3. POLLEN FILTERS - Pollen filter are a frequently overlooked maintenance item, and if neglected, could cause faults in the HEVAC system or allow water to travel inside the vehicle. See here for a complete description.

4. WINDOWS NOT SET error - To set the windows, open and close each window one at a time, leaving your finger on the button
for an extra second or two. You may have to repeat twice for each window. The sunroof is similar; fully open it, then close
it, then tilt it, then close it. (Leaving your finger on the button an extra second or two after each action.)

5. "CODE" ON RADIO - Your 4 digit radio code is available from the dealer for free. They will need you VIN# and possibly proof of ownership.

6. ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS - Many, if not most, electrical gremlins (including "Gearbox Fault" errors) are caused by bad electrical grounds or bad batteries. Check your RAVE CD for location of these grounding points. Your vehicle has several grounding points, (which the RAVE CD helps you locate), but check this thread for info on one of the main grounding points. Check here for battery upgrade information. For more details on the actual fitting of an Optima battery, check out this thread.

7. 19" WHEEL UPGRADES - Yes, you can put 19" wheels on your Range Rover. Check out D.I.Y. -- New Model RR wheels on P38A for all the details.

8. BOOK ICON - Book icon on HVAC display? Most commonly it's a burnt relay #7 in the fusebox under the hood Fuse Box Repairs .
If not that, then it could be a bad blend motor Blend Motor Diagnosis and Replacement.

9. WET CARPET - Water in foot well? Most likely it's blocked air-conditioning drains or leaking heater core o-rings Heater Core O-Ring Replacement.

10. AIR SUSPENSION - The EAS is not bad. It's very simple to understand and can be fixed relatively easy and inexpensively. It has gotten a
very bad, and undeserved, reputation. A complete EAS Quick Troubleshooting Guide will be available soon. Pay special attention to the Symptoms and Diagnosis section Air Suspension Faults, Diagnosis and Repair as well as the Field Recovery section Air Suspension Field Recovery . Not only will these sections educate you on the EAS prior to having a problem, but will help you recover AFTER a problem occurs.

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