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I have to apologise for my long write up, sorry!
Well here it goes I drive a 2012Range rover sport Autobiography, I decided to change front brake pads,Took the car to a service station (Nigeria) the guy did the job and I was on my way.10 mins into driving, it felt like my wheels are seizing up, ie like teh brakes is holding without me depressing the brake pedals.but then it went back to normal.Next day I was on highway driving when this same pulsating event started only this time it was sevier and the engine power was reduced so I had to pull into a mechanic along the express.He took off the front passenger tyre where we saw hydrolics on the inside of the wheels, and on a closer look the calipper bleed nipple was gone, nothing there.He went to get a new nipple installed, try to bleed the system,But when it was time to start the car so he can bleed proper the car refused to start, no pressure on the brake pedal, goes all the way to the floor, we tried all day car wont start.So slept in an hotel along the express way.
next morning a guy came with diagnostic tool, he says he was going to do system bleed.he did this and opend the fuse box in the front, squeezed the kick start relay and Engine came to life(car started).
The problem I have now is car wont start from Inside with start and stop button,The brake pedal still goeas all the way down,
when driving the back brake holds but the front dont.Cos of no pressure on the front brake car wont start(Keyless)Does anybody here know of a way to make teh pressure come back on the front brake Plz so that car could start from Inside
Thanks in advance!
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