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Stalling issues, already replaced Stepper motor

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Hi all,
I was having intermittant stalling/low rpm issues when I came to a stop last month. I did a bunch or of research on the forum and decided to replace the stepper motor (easy swap-out.) However, my stalling has now gotten worse! I am going to take The Duchess in for a tune up (at 85k miles, she deserves it) and want to know what kind of plugs/wires, distr cap and rotor I should purchase? I have seen conflicting advice here on the board. I want what is best for my Rover. She is a 1995 Classic LWB with just shy of 85k miles.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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For the cap and rotor, ALWAYS use genuine items. Anything else is a waste of time and money. I use NGK plugs on mine with LR or Bosch leads and a Bosch coil and runs well with 185K miles on the clock
Awsome, thanks for the gouge. I guess a visit to Atlantic British is in order!

Thanks! `)
I agree on NOS goodies for the cap & rotor. I experimented with "truck wire" that I bought as a kit at my local NAPA auto parts store. Huge, burly stuff with really nice connections over the plugs. Expensive -- around $115. Highly recommended.




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Mine stalls on startup if I park and shutoff without letting it idle down first.

After replacing the stepper motor without gain a friend in the business mentioned that all idle motrs are notoriously finicky and he often has to try several before getting a reliable one. Horrible if true but I don't doubt his experience.

I've not bothered to buy another to test the theory `)
@CCEC: what kind of kit did you purchase? Brand or part number? $115 is reasonable to me if they are more durable than normal wires. Thanks!

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