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Posting this for 2012MY owners who reported their vehicle struggling to start due to a weak or dead battery before. A faulty audio amp in vehicles fitted with the HK Logic7 system may be the cause, see the VIN range at the end of the Special Service Message (note this is not a TSB - your dealer may not be aware of it unless they search TOPIx or you bring it to their attention) to see if your vehicle may be affected.

Reference SSM58437
Models Range Rover Sport / L320
Range Rover Evoque / L538
LR4 / L319
Title 12MY GEN2.1 Audio Amplifier Quiescent drain
Last modified03-Apr-2013 00:00:00
Symptom207000 Entertainment Systems
ContentIssue: A customer may report that the vehicle is difficult/ will not start.
Cause: Upon diagnosis the battery voltage is low and a quiescent battery drain is observed. The drain may be as a result of a capacitor fault within the Audio Amplifier Module on Trim level 2/ High Line/ Premium audio systems only. Low line audio systems that have an internal amplifier in the head unit are not affected.
Action: A quiescent drain can be attributed to one or more of any of the vehicle electrical/ electronic systems, however if the vehicle is within the VIN range below it is advisable before continuing with further diagnosis to remove the fuses for the appropriate model below and check to see if the quiescent drain is still present. If the quiescent drain is still present then continue with electrical diagnosis using Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) and reference to TOPIx. If there is no quiescent drain after the fuses are removed, replace the Audio Amplifier Module, refit the fuses and check the vehicle.
L319 and L320 12 MY- Fuse 41P (5 Amps) in the Passenger compartment Fuse Box and Fuse FL11 (40 Amps) Engine compartment Fuse Box.
L538 12 MY-Fuse 11RA (40 Amps) and Fuse 10RA (5 Amps)in the Rear Fuse Box.
VIN range as follows:
LR4/Discovery 4 - CA596988 to CA622730
Range Rover Sport - CA717166 to CA747732
Range Rover Evoque - CH000001 to CH614976
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