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I read about some of you 2010 owners complaining about brake squeal. I captured this Special Service Message for MY10 front brakes squeal today (applies to non-Supercharged engines only, including LR4s):

SSM# 43817
LS - Range Rover Sport
LA - Discovery 4
Title Front Brake Squeal 10 MY Vehicles Only.
Last Modified 29-APR-2010 08:23
Category Chassis
Symptom 301000 Service Brake System

A customer may report front brake squeal, forward rotation on a 10 model year Discovery 4 or Range Rover Sport. 3.0 lt Diesel, 3.6 lt Diesel, 5.0 lt Naturally Aspirated derivatives only, and within the VIN range specified below.
Discovery 4 - AA513326 to AA522917
Range Rover Sport - AA215623 to AA227578

The design of the outer brake pad has been changed to eliminate a 5 khz frequency forward squeal which may be found on some vehicles. The pad can be identified by a small mass found on the outer pad only. See photo attached.

Upon customer complaint only, replacement of the brake pads will be required. Order LR021253 Kit - Caliper Brake Pad.
Please record any brake squeal noises where possible and attach to an EPQR. This is the only way to identify what frequency noise is being produced and for Land Rover to develop counter-measures.
As a reminder, Special Service Messages are not TSBs, so don't go to your dealer demanding the fix based on the above report as you may just piss them off. A SSM is an acknowledgment from Land Rover to dealers that its engineeers are aware of a possible problem with the car and are working on a permanent solution. In this case they think they may found it but they need more verification and feedback from dealers before issuing an official Technical Service Bulletin. Therefore, the fixes suggested within the SSM may or may not be final, the message may be withdrawn or modified tomorrow, and until an actual TSB is issued the dealer is not obligated to comply as the parts they need may not even be available yet.


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