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SRS light on after fitting new steering wheel.

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Ok, so I got me a new steering wheel off ebay, nice genuine new job too, fitting was easy and it looks fantastic.

Went for a drive only to see - AIR BAG FAULT - on the screen and a flashing red SRS light too :evil:

Any ideas chaps :?: :?:

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SID said:
Ok it is getting more anoying now, the volume controls change the cd or mute the sound :!:

This is what I bought - Range Rover P38 30th Anniversary Leather Steering Wheel
Brand new never fitted complete with controls etc.

My RR is a 96 HSE, could this wheel be wrong for it :?:

The controls on the earlier and later wheels are different and not compatible. Just swap out the controls from your old wheel into the new one.
As to the airbag fault - how careful were you with the rotary coupler - if you didn't align the wheel to the coupler correctly you could have damaged it putting the wheel back on.
The steering wheel controls and circuit are one part - have a look here http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php?x ... &xSec=5497
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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