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SRS Light / "Airbag Fault" Message - Possibly Legit

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SRS Light / "Airbag Fault" Message - Possibly Legit


I know the SRS Light / "Airbag Fault" message is a common electrical glitch. However, I think this one is legit and I am looking for any advisement. Here are my power performance specs:

1. Battery Voltage Across Battery Terminals before starting any tests, no loads on____I didn't get this but I am guessing mid 12s_______
2. Engine off, all accessories on for 30 seconds, then off. What voltage _12.6____
3. Voltage across battery at idle (no electrical load) ____13.6________
4. Voltage across battery at 2000rpm (no electrical load) __13.7______
5. Voltage across battery at 2000rpm (everything electrical switched on) __13.5_______
6. Voltage at ALTERNATOR at 2000rpm (everything switched on)________13.7___________
7. Voltage drop between alternator body and battery negative (YES negative). Measure at max electrical load and 2000rpm _____about 89_________ (millivolts please)
8. Voltage drop between alternator positive and battery positive. 2000rpm, max electrical load _____13.6________

I also checked the plug at the bottom of the driver's seat. No dice, message and warning light still appear.

Now, for what happened: I was doing some offroading and got a bit out of control. My front end came down pretty hard. I blew out a silver dollar-sized hole in my front right tire. I suppose I hit a jagged rock. This is when the warning light and message came on.

My voltages while still running look to be about a volt low. However I don't think the power issue is the problem. The warning and message seem to be here to stay. They never flash on and off. They have been consistent. Also, given the jolt the truck took....

If I am going to have to take it to someone, does anyone on the board have the ability to do these diagnostics in the Atlanta, GA area? I'm good for a 12-pack.

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Re: SRS Light / "Airbag Fault" Message - Possibly Legit

Check the wiring/connectors at the Front Crash Sensors if you've come down a bit hard on the front it may have damaged the wiring or dislodged a connector or something like that. Also as it's logged a fault you will need someone with T4 or Rovacom to check and clear it.

Just a thought.

Re: SRS Light / "Airbag Fault" Message - Possibly Legit

I guess you have seat airbags, if so there is a similar yellow plug & connector under the passenger and drivers seat. My SRS light came on after seat movement but fortunately went off after unplugging & replugging both drivers and passenger yellow plugs. I later sprayed the contacts with some electrical contact cleaner.and been fine ever since.
Good luck
Re: SRS Light / "Airbag Fault" Message - Possibly Legit

Thanks Col and Agassi. Problem solved. I went and unplugged and cleaned the electrical connections for the crash sensors. I then went and did the same thing for the plug underneath the passenger seat. Warning light and message are now gone. Ultimately, I think it was the connection underneath the passenger. Nonetheless, thanks to you both because it was the crash sensor theory that really got me back out to the garage.

Re: SRS Light / "Airbag Fault" Message - Possibly Legit

Check the connection under the dash to the passenger side airbag.
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