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Hey everyone, I've posted on the forum a few times, and you guys have helped me with pretty much everything. I bought my rover with a lot of issues and I have fixed up everything at less than half of what the dealer quoted me at, and my car is running amazing. However, there's one problem that I can't seem to figure out.

The car had the SRS light on and airbag fault message when I bought it. After searching this forum, I disconnected the connectors under the seat and behind the glove box, cleaned them with contact cleaner, reconnected them, and taped them secure with electrical tape.

It worked, the light and fault message went off.. for a little while ... and now it is back on. I tried the same process again but this time it did not work. the code reads open circuit on left side and right side airbags.. I've heard of a weak battery causing this fault, but mine is very strong.

Anyone have any ideas on what else I can try and do? Maybe this fault can really only be cleared electronically??

Thanks a lot
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