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Squealing from right rear brake.....

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Hi all...

I have a RRS 2007 3.6 (only had it 2 months). When I start the car and move off the right rear brake makes an aweful squealing high pitched noise.... when I break the noise goes and the noise goes after 5 minutes of driving.....I only hear it when I swich on the car and start driving... strange that the noise goes after 5 minutes though.

Any ideas what this could be, and how I can resolve it asap.

Many thanks in advance...
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It seems that people only join when they get a problem with their Rangie ,welcome ...to the forum :wink:
There's a TSB (or whatever they call it) on this in the US. Not sure what country you're in since we don't have the diesel here. The fix involves new chamfered pads with a sticky backer installed. If you have plenty of meat on the pads or these new pads are already installed, you may want to try deglazing the rotor with some steel wool, pulling the pads and smearing some antisqueal paste on the backing plate. That will work...for a while.
A truly "awful" noise could also be drag from the park brake shoes, the overly complicated electronic parking brake in these cars has been problematic and there are several service bulletins issued addressing a number of potential trouble areas (search the forum for "EPB" or "park brake" to pull up a few), from dislodged shoe clips to complete meltdowns requiring a whole new system to be installed - it can get expensive if you are out of warranty. Have them check the drum and shoes for unusual wear due to excessive heat and friction, and do it soon. A defective park brake could eventually seize on you and become much more than a squeal annoyance. If you normally set the park brake, don't do that anymore until they have a chance to check the system.
umbertob said:
A truly "awful" noise could also be drag from the park brake shoes
Good point and worth checking because that can bugger up a wheel bearing fast with the heat. I originally thought of that (yeah I know, I know) but when he said it went away (goes?) when he applied the brake, I figured it had to come from the regular pads. :think:
Here are two service bulletins that may apply (they are issued for North America only, but surely there is a matching document for ROW), the first is the one goosey is referring to (squeaky rear brake pads when the brakes are lightly applied), the second is troubleshooting and repair info for the electronic park brake. They are probably posted elsewhere on the forum already, but I can't find them... Forum must be having some problems this morning:


Thanks for the responses guys...

When I am in traffic and apply the park brake once I move off there is no noise, so it really is just for literally 1-3 minutes when I start the car up and drive off..... its very high pitched and is definately coming from the rear right wheel.... Could the brake pad just be worn out?

And sorry I am in UK (London) I traded in a BMW M5 for the Range Rover 8) a big change I know.
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