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Had a major EAS Hard Fault over Easter, which unfortunately happened while we were about 3 hrs from home! As it was a holiday, I had no option other than to face a very slow and bumpy 6hr ride home!

Made it home, ordered a valve block/compressor rebuild kit and did the rebuild. Also replaced the rear airbags (the front had been changed about 6 months prior).

Everything has been working fairly well since, no leaks etc. But in the last few weeks the system has developed a fairly loud squeal/sigh sound when I stop the car and get out. It doesnt last all that long, and I'm not quick enough to get from the drivers seat to open the hood before the sound goes away.

Sounds like something stuck in the exhaust? I have removed the screw in exhaust filter and blown it out, and also checked the airlines to and from the air dryer, all seem to be fine..

Has anyone come across this problem with an EAS before, and can anyone suggest where I may look?

Otherwise it all seems to be working great, its just this loud noise I want to try and get rid of!
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