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TLDR; ball joint is squeaking again, seeking advice on protective measures

My RRS SC 07' sees a fair amount of dirt. A few months ago it started creaking on the front left corner when it would hit a bump after a muddy weekend at hungry valley. The culprit ended up being the control arm ball joint, which I painstakingly removed and pressed a new one for. This fixed the issue and everything was hunky dory (well not really - this is a LR after all - but lets say so for the purpose of this post it was all good). This weekend, maybe a month after fixing, I did numerous river and mud crossings and by the end of the weekend the squeaking has returned.

I'm debating either replacing the ball joint with one with a zerk fitting (not sure if this would help flush dirt actually) or with a new control arm entirely (the bushes were starting to crumble at the edges).

Aside from that I'm considering options to shield the ball joint from dirt, nothing super crazy maybe a pvc tube or something, does anyone know of precedent?
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