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Sport Suspension

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Hi all,

i bought my first sport 2008 and i noticed something i don't know if its normal or not
when i park my car on uneven ground and lock the doors with the key fob , the car release a burst of air and then stops just a little release
does the car have some sort of leveling mechanism or it only release air when i have a leak

i need your urgent reply please

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Parking on uneven ground in no way impacts the EAS. If you have the original struts you may very well have a leak or leaks. EAS bladders are a wear item just like tires and brakes. The bladders roll at different heights. Most bladders develop cracks at highway and standard height.
thank you for your prompt response , but i mean if i have a leak the car should be lowered to bumper level not just a little burst and then stop it look like its intended .

does a leak in the suspension raise any error or not.
Rubber bags have no sensors so can not log an error code. Leaks have to be deducted or found with good fashion trouble shooting. It is a common misconception that a leak is a leak. Folks often say that they parked their rig in wading mode and it doesnt lower at all... I have no leaks. Well of course it doesn't leak at wading mode, raising the rig to a height you never drive at closes the cracks that are leaking at lower heights.

Lets say you only drive at low speeds around the city. your cracks are going to develop at standard ride height. If you spend the bulk of your drive time on the freeway you cracks will develop at "motorway" height because Rovers automatically lower above XX MPH. Lowering speeds vary by model. So where ever you cracks are, they close up and seal above and below the height at which they formed.
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Not 100% sure when I hear that sound but I have heard it several times over the years and it appears to be intentional like the release of air from a safety valve. So far I have had no problems with sagging or air bags.
Thank you arby and rrtrockhalll for your answer so arby you heard this sound before how much time did you own the car. I mesured the height today and i will check in the morning i will leave it overnight hope i remain the same but i asked the dealer today and he said thats its normal it tend to settle sometimes but i dont know the condition. I will update you tomorow if evreything ok if not i hope someone can give me more test i can do in order to identify the problem if exist and please if someone does heard this release sound imediatly after lock please update me
every time I exit & lock the doors the suspension spits a bit of air and the vehicle settles into a comfortable position. sometimes more than others depending on the terrain where I park.
Totally normal that it does a small release of pressure when you park sometimes. It should come from the compressor area on the left rear. (actually from the vent line up behind the wheel) But totally normal.
I had this issue on my 05 LR3: dealer replaced the EAS pump and one bag. Had this problem, but less so, on my 08 RRS/SC, dealer determined it was normal. Never had it on the 13 HSE. Some of the earliest EAS systems had some issues: but these were pretty well taken care of by 08. But with an 08 and high mileage, I would suspect a leak.
That's normal, I've had my 2008 RRS forever, it has always done that. It is self-leveling, if I remember the explanation correctly.
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