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SPORT Button not working

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Hi did a search andd could find anything with my specific problem.

When im in lo range my sport button works
When im in high my sport button does not work or even light up

Im wondering if it could be a loose ground or connector I had a look at ETM in rave and I dont understand it to much if someone could give me a connector or ground point to check I would appreciate it.
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It does different things when you're in Low Range. In LW it forces the box to lock into a gear, hence why it says Sport/Manual, this allows you to pull away in 3rd etc. In HR it changes the shift pattern, this is all in the software and it's safe to assume the gearbox ecu is receiving the signal due to the fact it works in manual mode so you can rule out a loose connection.

So to confirm, when you press the button in HR it doesn't light up, and it doesn't say sport mode on the dash?

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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