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SPORT Button not working

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Hi did a search andd could find anything with my specific problem.

When im in lo range my sport button works
When im in high my sport button does not work or even light up

Im wondering if it could be a loose ground or connector I had a look at ETM in rave and I dont understand it to much if someone could give me a connector or ground point to check I would appreciate it.
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I have a similar problem - Sport and manual modes work fine with all correct messages showing on the dash with the ignition on but the engine NOT running.
As soon as the engine is started, sport and manual modes no longer work.
Do I need a new Trans ecu or is it just a case of getting fault codes cleared using testbook?

I have recently had a few gearbox fault messages that were caused by a poor battery - could these be causing the lock out of sport and manual mode when the engine is running?
Discovered an interesting thing......
Car has an LPG conversion - sportmode and manual work fine when petrol selected but not if LPG selected !!!

In order to engage sport mode when running on LPG I first have to change over to petrol, select mode, then change back to LPG.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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