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SPORT Button not working

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Hi did a search andd could find anything with my specific problem.

When im in lo range my sport button works
When im in high my sport button does not work or even light up

Im wondering if it could be a loose ground or connector I had a look at ETM in rave and I dont understand it to much if someone could give me a connector or ground point to check I would appreciate it.
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When i press the button in HR nothing happens no light lights up and nothing is displayed. This is completely the opposite in LR.
I removed all the fuses applicable and them started and re inserted them, but still nothing
Its not showing on the dash i did remove the gear surround and gave it a good clean with some contact cleaner but no change
Going to take the old girl in tomorrow to see if there are any fault codes, another idea I had is that how can you test to see if the problem isnt eminanting from the controll mechanism that surround the selector lever? They are pretty cheap so maybe I should just swap it and see what happens?
I have had the ECU checked and there are no faults, also have replaced the gear selector indicator no changes except I can put it in sport mode very briefly as i turn the ignition on
I dont have the LPG system on my car
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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