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SPORT Button not working

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Hi did a search andd could find anything with my specific problem.

When im in lo range my sport button works
When im in high my sport button does not work or even light up

Im wondering if it could be a loose ground or connector I had a look at ETM in rave and I dont understand it to much if someone could give me a connector or ground point to check I would appreciate it.
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Just had a dig around in the RAVE workshop manual, nothing... but I know from recent electrical work I had to do on mine to restore Range shift (bought all screwed up) that the sport/manual is connected to becm and trans ECU.

If a certain function within gearbox is not ideal it wont go in sport mode, wiring loom on gearbox could be checked out for plug connections etc.

Might pay to try another Trans ECU to see if it does function but if it is ECU you cant just take another ECU and just use it due to adaptive pressures being different on othe trans (each wears differently) the ecu stores this info for the autobox it was operating.

Its ok to briefly try it out but not for very far, Rave goes onto say extensive damage will occur if you do
gear change housing contain 2 LEDs one for sport and one for manual indication, if the one is blown that could be the answer but depends if its not showing on dash
I think both you guys tranny's ahve logged a transmission fault and best have then checked via a scan session
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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