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Sport 2014 / Vogue 2012 / Evoque Steering Wheel

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Hello, I am hoping to retrofit either the 2014 RR Sport/2012 RR Vogue/2011 RR Evoque steering wheel into my 2005-2010 RR Sport - has this been done before?

Are either of these steering wheel/airbags compatible with the 2005-2010 RR Sport L320? I am not bothered about the CD player controls etc working, I would just like to know if any of these steering wheels would physically fit and if the airbag would be functional. I am happy to do some re-wiring if necessary.

I am grateful for any help!

Thank you
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well unfortunately the three wheels you have chosen are vastly different platforms from whatever year Sport you have. The 2014 sport is the first of the newer L494 generation.

As far as ANYTHING SRS related, I would not risk it. Stick with a proper L320 steering wheel or a custom job designed for your year of Sport that will accept your factory air bag. The last thing you need is the airbag going off in an accident with either too little force and not being protected, or too much force and injuring you. The "kewl" factory of a visual "upgrade" is simply not worth the risk.
check out Powerfuluk. They have info on some options. I swapped out my old steering wheel for the refurbished one they sell and love it. I really wanted the heated option but it was too much effort and cost.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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