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Hi, spent a hour today installing a dashcam to the front and rear of my RR . I used the Mini 0906 dashcam due to using it in a BMW X1 install and it seems a very good front and rear dashcam.

First was finding a fuse that goes on/off with the car ignition . I used the cigarette lighter fuse behind the passenger glove box ( the relay turns on and off the cigarrete lighter when the doors lock/unlocks .. so not quite an ignition live fuse but good enough).

Used a Fusetap and a USB/Multi Cigarette lighter adapter to power the camera and grounded on a chassis bolt. I have used hardwire kits before for the dashcam but had one damage a dashcam ! so now stick to fused cigarette adapters.

I pulled off the Door rubber trim and ran the cable inside , Poked the cable behind the windscreen pillar airbags and placed the camera in the middle.

The rear camera is powerd via a cable from the front camera , it also saves video to the front camera . I ran this cable on the drivers side of the car and poked behind all trim.

Rear camera placed , and clips used to tidy cables.

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