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Hi all from Texas,

I just bought a couple bottles of champagne for New Year's and didn't tie them down properly in the back, and while driving they must've built pressure because one of them exploded during a turn when it lightly clanked the bottle next to it.

The explosion was pretty dramatic, there's glass everywhere and I did my best to dry most of the juice but that's not a real problem for me.

About a half hour after the incident I noticed a sound that may have been, or sounded very similarly to, the tailgate open/close mechanism. The noise almost sounds like a phone vibrating or vacuum starting. I;ve heard it about three times now and have turned off my car to avoid any electrical issues that could of come from the wet.

Is there anything I should watch out for or address? Will probably take to a professional to have cleaned come the day after tomorrow.

Here's to you all having many great New Years to come :thumb:
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