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Hello all,

Hopefully someone might be able to help.

I've a 58reg TDV8 that is currently having a bit of a strop with the speed sensor, or so it says.

Fault codes are as follows:
P0500 - vehicle speed sensor A
C1A93 - right rear speed sensor circuit

I've fitted a new speed sensor (direct from Land Rover), changed the car loom end connector (there was a small nick in the wiring cable, but the cable was intact, seemed a good idea to change it) and have inspected the reluctor ring (not dirt or damage to the ring).

Live values from the speed sensor show that it's working, although it seems to be either more sensitive or varying by 1km/h compared to the others. The fault still returns however but is intermittent (as in every journey, but it resets pretty much straight away after car off/on).

I've had all the wheels aligned and the steering angle sensor is fine, as is the battery from what I can tell.

I'm now at a loss.

Is there another speed sensor on the transmission (hence the P0500 code), however no idea why I'm still getting a right rear fault though.

Any help would be greatly received.



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What year is a 58 reg, seeing as this is an international forum.

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